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High Standards of Entry Systems Services

Entry system requirements vary from building to building and whether your property has sliding doors, automatic doors, shutters, barriers and gates, it is essential to have the right systems in places to ensure your premises remain secure and all individuals within the vicinity are safe.

Delivering the Best Entry Systems

Our team can deliver a full entry system service, from survey and design through to installation and ongoing maintenance, with your business benefiting from increased flexibility and security, reliability of systems and cost-effective solutions.


We offer entry system services for a number of different sectors, such as education, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. No matter the property size or type, our team can assist you with your entry system requirements, and deliver services fit for your building and business needs

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Highest Standards

Local Service

We deliver the highest standards of entry system services, that’s why we’ve grown our service to cover thousands of sites across the UK, using our national network of experienced engineers, to deliver a localised service, whenever you need it.


Why choose Penguin?




We can deliver a full entry system service from survey and design through to installation and ongoing maintenance, with the client benefiting from increased flexibility and security, reliability of systems and cost-effective solutions.

Entry systems included but not limited to are:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Automatic Doors
  • Revolving Doors
  • Industrial Shutters
  • Manual Shutters
  • Automatic Shutters
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Vehicle Gates
  • Pedestrian Gates
  • Sliding Gates
Repair & Upgrade2021-06-29T13:24:29+00:00

Here at Penguin FM we know you can’t ever foresee the breakdown of a piece of equipment. However, with our emergency reactive maintenance service and 24/7 call out desk, you can rest assured that we will act quickly to resolve the situation and when on site, we will work around your business to ensure minimal disruption. Our engineers are consistently on call and should any issues occur, they’re prepared and ready to get your entry systems back up and running, so you can resume your daily operations.


We can offer a full planned, preventative maintenance service (PPM) for all entry systems. A planned, preventative maintenance programme ensures better equipment performance, as we are able to immediately identify any faults or problems with equipment before they become issues. In addition, regular serving can enable higher levels of efficiency and increased longevity of all entry systems and equipment.

Penguin FM engineers will schedule visits to site, to ensure all parts and controls are operating correctly and efficiently. If there are any faults within the equipment, Penguin FM engineers will ensure these are rectified as quickly as possible.


Installations of entry system solutions are always undertaken in a timely manner with minimum disruption to your business and property. We only ever provide trusted, accredited installers with the relevant qualifications, to undertake each aspect of the installation and ensure the very best service for our clients.


Penguin FM would offer a full site survey and assessment to determine which entry system features would work best for the site. Our team will only ever recommend the most reliable and high-quality products to accommodate company requirements and budgets and obtain best value.

The safety of your employees, customers and the general public is paramount. Entry systems ensure that your property is secure at all points, but it is crucial to ensure that your property has the correct systems in place. Without proper entry systems, your organisation could be subject to issues such as data loss, theft or breach of privacy and data protection laws.

Penguin FM will ensure that your entry systems are all kept up to date and compliant with legislation and regulations, to ensure complete safety for your property and people.


Ensure The


Of Your Business

Other Services

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Penguin FM work to implement the best and most secure access control systems. Access control systems can vary from building to building, but our team will help with design, installations, maintenance and all emergency repairs.

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A dock leveller enables the easy transition of goods between a loading bay and a docked vehicle, keeping stock and staff protected from damage and injury. Designed to withstand the bumps and shocks of daily loading, you can be confident that your leveller will be built to last. 

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Penguin FM offer industrial security doors which can close at high speeds, to reduce the amount of time any tailgaters or opportunists may have, to sneak into a building or designated area. This, coupled with the fact that high speed industrial doors are extremely robust and durable, make them a premium choice for keeping any organisation secure.

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